Спасибо за образ У тебя золотые ручки …

Сообщение: Спасибо за образ @ isi4koolya_makeup 💋 У тебя золотые ручки🙌🏽😘

Автор: Anastasiia❤️

Теги: #anastasiiabod

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  1. I love you so much
    And I know that the path to the impossible is long
    And I know you’re six women
    I have no alternative
    I know that the time of nostalgia is over
    And the beautiful talk died

    I am not women what to say
    I love you so much …

    I love you so much and I know I live in exile
    And you are in exile
    And between you and me
    And a cloud
    And lightning
    Snow and fire
    I know that reaching your eyes is an illusion
    I know I can reach you
    I am happy
    To tear myself up for you, my dear
    If only for me
    I repeated your love for the second time

    You spilled your shirt from the leaves
    None of your diet is patient with raindrops
    I love you so much

    And I know that I travel in the sea of ​​your eyes
    Without certainty
    I leave my mind behind and run
    I run
    I run after my madness💞💟💜🤎💟💬🖤🖤💬❣🖤💛💔

  2. Красивая! Очень! И глаза Умные.

  3. Коммерческое предложение, больше информации в direct. Загляните в запросы🙏 как будет свободная минутка, что бы обсудить детали сотрудничества 🌹

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